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A story is told of a dark force as old as history and as strong as desire, which humanity has tried to either defeat or befriend. Yet this power has no intention of being tamed, for it wants nothing less than to destroy us. Who or what is this evil that threatens our very existence? It is self-centredness. It is what global warming, religious extremists, marital discord, criminal activity, and temper tantrums all have in common, and no amount of negotiation or legislation will quiet its determination. The problem is that we have mixed feelings about self-centredness. It makes us happy, yet it is the reason behind everything painful and ugly in us and in our world. What are we to do? It has so wrapped us in its clutches that strangling it feels like it would suffocate us. Its story has become our story. Gratefully, our story does not need to end in despair. There is another story about one who conquered our foe and established love in its place. It is a story that allows us to rethink our own life story. By thoroughly exploring God’s story, Relational Theology explores the relational crisis in which we find ourselves and outlines how we can find personal freedom, lasting peace, and eternal hope through Jesus Christ.

Relational Theology: Rethinking Our Life Story

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