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This resource will address the head with the truth we should know, the heart with the personal application of each truth, and the hands with then practical outworking of the truth in daily life.


What’s inside?
There are twelve sections corresponding to twelve doctrinal statements. Each section contains the following.

  • An opening prayer adapted from the great prayers and liturgies of the
  • historic church
  • A brief introduction to encapsulate the value of the doctrine
  • A biography of someone in church history who championed the doctrine
  • The doctrinal statement
  • Five summaries of essential parts of the doctrine
  • Discussion and application questions
  • A memory verse
  • A practical activity to implement the doctrine
  • A hymn that celebrates the doctrine


May this material transform your life so that you will worship God better and fulfill his mission more effectively.

We Believe: Transformative Truth for a Life of Worship and Mission

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